Confessions of a first time SJM reader and the ACOTAR series Part 1

I wanted to hate this series. For far too long my Instagram feed has been filled with endless reels and posts and stories of this series. I can’t go into book stores without being assaulted with multiple tables of Sarah J Maas works. Now a TV show has been announced. If I heard one more spoiler or word about “Freysand” or “Nesstian” I was going to lose it. Everyone is losing their minds about this series and it’s driving me nuts, it can’t possibly be that good…

I can’t say it’s that good yet as I’ve just finished the first two books in the series. However, I’ve found myself unable to hate it as intended. In fact I… might… be…. loving(?) it.

To start A Court of Thrones and Roses seems entertaining enough but for me I found the first 80% of the book a little meh but engaging. The last portion is where the action starts happening and the story got clear enough to get exciting. Unfortunately, I knew enough spoilers to not get terribly attached to Tamlin and to be dually intrigued by Rhysands character. Also, a cat, wolf, elk? Really? A giant wyrm? (Edit: I have since seen images online of how I should have pictured the wyrm. I can accept the wyrm now.) Had a hard time with those. However, the ending of the book did have me reaching for book two immediately. 

I’ll just to get the point. A Court of Mist and Fury is one of the best books I have read. Rhysands character has to be one of the most beautifully written characters I’ve ever encountered. The authors story telling, the way she writes trauma and banter and emotion is pretty incredible. The detail and the world she builds is easily imagined and I’m depressed I can’t live my days in Valaris or the mountain cabin. I praise her writing this strongly for a reason, because as positive as all this is, I might hate Feyre a little. She doesn’t deserve Rhys and I stand by that yet remain open minded to what the next books offer. One chapter I’d be seething over Feyre “moment-ruiner” and then positively in love and internally dying two chapters later. And I credit SJMs writing to make me feel so deeply because even though I don’t love the main character, every inch of the rest of the book makes up for it in spades. You can tell we are still just in the cusp of character development and I’m already so in love with the inner circle. The found family trope in this book is firing on all cylinders. Also, subtle nods to Celtic and Norse mythology will win my heart every-time. 

Also, all you people freaking out on social media about chapter 55… sure it’s damn good. But chapter 54? Highly underrated and utterly breathtaking. 

Consider my tune somewhat changed about ACOTAR… for now. 

-Kassandras Musings

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