Hello there, I’m Taylor – the Bashful Bibliophile. I live in Southern Utah with my husband Nick, my dogs, and my horses! I’m a self-appointed book nerd with a love for a variety of things including video games, D&D, writing and reading. (And beer!)

Currently, I write book reviews, ARC reviews, blog posts and short stories. In addition to my love of writing (and probably the reason) is my love of reading. I can read up to 600 words a minute, and have read many books in my 26 years. My favorites list is always being updated, but my current three favorites are the Harry Potter Series, the Throne of Glass Series and the Age of the Adinna Series.

I’ve created the Bashful Bibliophile blog as a place to share my opinions and reviews on the books I’m reading, and I also read and review ARC books (see my Review Policy for more information)

Thanks for visiting, and happy reading!

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