I was born in Kanab Utah. I’ve moved around a quite a bit in my life, but to me, the red hills of Kanab are home. You know that feeling when you drive into your hometown after a long vacation and you just kind of breathe a sigh of relief? That’s how Kanab is for me. 

 My love of writing has stemmed from a young age. As a kid and teenager, I wrote short stories and poetry. I’ve published a kid’s book in 2nd grade (not a big deal really, but still a fun fact!), won a writing contest in grade school and got a poem published in a National book of poetry in middle school. In high school, I was involved in a program called Upward Bound. This allowed me to take college courses at Southern Utah University during the summer (so long as I kept my grades up) and I was able to get ahead on my English degree. I currently attend Mohave Community College online and am finishing up my degree. 

Currently, I write book reviews, blog posts and short stories… however, my short stories seem to be at a point where beginnings are easier to write than endings.

In addition to my love of writing (and probably the reason) is my love of reading. I can read up to 600 words a minute, and have read many books in my 24 years. My favorite series is the Harry Potter series, but there are a number of other well-worn books that I have a special place in my heart for. 

The point of this blog is to review the books I read, review video games, give updates and help you to find the perfect social media presence!  

I currently work at a place called Grand Canyon Expeditions and I love it! I am a Reservation Specialist and I write blogs for the company page. I love to be outside hiking, kayaking and exploring with my husband and dogs. I can usually also be found at home reading, playing video games and writing stories. 


My Life


My beautiful sister and best friend, Dawn


Doing one of the things I love best


Hiking with these three is an adventure


“I stream on Twitch” starter pack?


Swimming at the bottom of the Grand Canyon


My husband jumping his bike


Lake Powell.. one of my favorite places


L-R Zero, Odin and Taco. Lookin like they are about to drop a hot new album.