Book Review: Time’s Orphan

Time’s Orphan by Hayley Reese Chow Synopsis Speak of pain, and I’ll tell you of the Time who stole it away… Besieged by war, ravaged by monsters, and crawling with the undead, the land of Okarria is dying. Seventeen-year-old Emara survives by using her modest healing gift to save as many as she can while... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Nephilim’s Fate

It took me way longer than usual to read this book. I started in the beginning of November, but didn't finish it until today. Usually a book like this would take me about an hour, but November has been such a crazy month that I just didn't have the time. (sickness, my birthday, the new... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Fleshed Out by Rob Ulitski

Fleshed Out A Body Horror Collection By Rob Ulitski Horror Short Story Collection A hair-obsessed serial killer...A flesh-eating motorway pileup...A grotesque holiday illness...Forget what you think you know about the human body. In Rob Ulitski’s debut short story collection, get ready for a thrilling, gut-churning ride through death, disease and destruction.Boasting thirteen unique stories and... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Shattered Sacrifice

Book Review: Shattered Sacrifice by Emily Hoffman Wow! What a quick but intriguing read! In the span of 90 some odd pages, we get the backstory of Glisenia Tideborn - a girl who was sacrificed by a cult and her family in the cult to the Kraken... but instead comes back with far more than... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Isle of the Immortal

Isle of the Immortal by S.M. Strada Wow. I'm a sucker for fantasy romance. I'll say that in every review I write in the genre, and I'm going to re-iterate it here. If it involves magic, otherworld's, fantasy creatures and romance? I'm there. Isle of the Immortal was no exception. I was pulled in right... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Unbound Life

Author: Riley Rookhouse and Marie McCue Publisher: Story Garden Publishing Wow! This book started off with a bang that instantly got me interested, and stayed really interesting throughout the story. Unbound life follows the story of Mina and Darcon - two Monk initiates trying to learn to worship the Goddess of life and the stars... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: PD Avella

Recently, I was offered a chance to read and review the novel Golem by author PD Avella. (You can read that review HERE) PD Avella offered to do an author interview -and I am so excited about it! Read on to get a first hand look at Golem, PD's advice to young writers and more.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Golem

Author: P.D. Avella Publisher: Quill and Birch Publishing Do you ever read those books that stick with you for awhile after you've finished reading them? And sometimes the story is so dark that it can affect your mood and how you perceive the world while you read it? For me, Golem was one of those... Continue Reading →

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