GAME REVIEW: Tales from the Borderlands



(I do realize I’m reviewing a 3 year old game… my bad)

I love the Borderlands Game series.  I played Borderlands 1 when I first met Nick; we were just dating and I realized how much he loved video games. Instead of being a pain about it, I asked if I could play too (I played games before that obviously, Halo and stuff like that). We beat it pretty quickly and had a ton of fun along the way.

Fast forward to 2012 (2 years into our relationship) and Borderlands 2 came out. I absolutely adore this game. Nick and I played together and have beat it many times through. We’ve played all the DLC and holiday expansions. We both have max level characters, as well as many others, started in an effort to help friends (we always end up going back to the high level). The Borderlands Series is easily one of my top favorites. (My car is named Sir Reginald Von Bartelsby for hell sakes haha!)

So – for the month of May Tales from the Borderlands (episode 1) was free on the Playstation 4 Store. I figured “What can it hurt? I might as well try it.” I downloaded episode 1 and started playing – and absolutely adored it.

It’s obviously different from Borderlands 1, 2 and the Pre-Sequel. Those are first person shooters where you are a badass Vault Hunter who is large and in charge. In Tales from the Borderlands, you play as two characters, Rhys and Fiona. And you aren’t doing (a lot) of combat – you are mostly choosing dialogue, making decisions and scanning things. It takes place after Borderlands 2 and is a “Choose Your Outcome” story.  I’m 3 out of 5 episodes in – so there may be some spoilers – but not many.

Playable Characters


Rhys is the first character you play as. Without trying to give away too many spoilers, he is smart, confident and will do whatever it takes to rise up in the Hyperion chain of command. He has a neat eye that can scan things, assess them and helps a lot when playing the game.  He’s a kind character (at least the way I’m playing him) who makes good decisions and trusts easily.

unnamed (1)

I love Fiona. She’s the other playable character, and she is a con artist. Along with her sister, Fiona is just trying to score big. She can actually carry items in an inventory and seems to be in charge of the Money of the group. She’s a great fighter, smart thinker and I think she’d make one hell of a Vault Hunter.

From L to R: Sasha, Rhys, Fiona and Vaughn

Main Group:  

  • Vaughn: Rhys’s best friend – accountant, nervous, funny
  • Sasha: Fiona’s younger sister and partner in crime  – brave, tough, loyal
  • Loader Bot: (Easily my favorite character) Rhys requested a loader bot at the beginning of episode 1 – and he’s stuck by us ever since. Strong, funny and helpful.

There are some other characters (INCLUDING SOME FROM THE ORIGINAL BORDERLANDS 1, 2 and Pre-Sequel! *insert heart eyes emoji here*) that join the group, help the group or … y’know…. try to murder the face off of everyone (It is Pandora)  – but it’s not hard to follow along with who is who.


  • Good fun! I love stories in video games, and this is basically playing a Story. Telltale games did an AMAZING job.
  • The graphics are great! Cartoonish, clear and stay true to Borderlands style
  • The humor is the BEST. I don’t know what it is, but all of the Borderlands humor just gets me. This game is no different. Whether it be descriptions from Rhys’s Eye Analysis, or Loader Bot being “Coooool bro,” I guarantee you will laugh.
  • You DON’T have to know or have played any of the other Borderlands games to play this one! The story is completely different! Sure, there are some characters from the games and some history from the games in it, but you can play it as a standalone game with no prior knowledge


  • You can rewind parts of the story, which is neat if you made a decision you think you’ll regret later, but I wish I could rewind shorter. Or at least choose where I’m rewinding back to. I hate going through a large part (you can’t usually skip anything) again because of one stupid dialogue choice I made.

In conclusion, I think this game is awesome. It’s a good, funny story with likable characters. It has just enough Borderlands that fans of the game should adore it and people who just wanna play a funny game on the world Pandora will like it too! I recommend it highly!

********** 10/10 stars from me!

The Top Five Video Games I Played in 2016


I have never played another game quite like this.

I started it when it first came out, gave up and it took me a year to play again.

This game is hard.

There are no in world save points (sort of) and if you die you lose all the money or “Blood Echos” you got during the time you were in the nightmare (actual game world)

The only reason I started playing again is because my husband and our friend helped me through it. You can “Summon” friends at lamps that can help you. They helped me defeat bosses, get good weapons and make it through the game without giving up completely. There are times when you have to get through parts and you can’t have help – and I’ll tell you if it wasn’t for my spouse playing through those parts for me (I usually gave them a good 3 or 4 tries) I would have never gotten as far as I have in the game.

This game is dark, a little gruesome and a lot of fun. It’s definitely better with friends and has a very exciting online aspect as well. Other players can join your world to kill you and make you have to start over. That sucks when you are by yourself, but when you have two high level friends in your world it’s quite neat to have other online players with murderous intentions invade!

This is one of my favorite games ever – and I recommend it!


Destiny: Rise of Iron

When I was younger I played a lot of “Halo” on the XBOX. We switched to PS4 and I much prefer it, but was a little sad about the loss of Halo. Luckily Bungie created Destiny.

I love Destiny. I am not a year one player (someone who has been playing since it released), but I’ve done all of the missions. I played the original and all of the DLC’s released so far. I actually play in a clan called “Overwatch Actual” with my husband and some friends of mine.

For Player VS Enviornment: We do extensive puzzle like 6 person missions called raids, 3 person strikes (which are original missions but made harder), and nightfalls (a regular 3 person mission but much harder) ETC. It’s a fun game, but definitely better with friends.

for Player VS Player: We play against others. This is probably one of the most frustrating parts of the game. I love to play against other online players, but sometimes it tends to make your blood pressure rise slightly.

Destiny is probably one of my all time favorite games! I recommend it for anyone who loves first person shooters and sci-fi. You are an advanced warrior (Human, Alien or Robot) fighting aliens to take back what once was Earth.


PlayStation VR The Playroom

For my 2016 birthday my husband got me a PlayStation VR. I think the playroom (FREE!) is one of the most played games. I love all of the different little missions, the feel of the VR and I love how cute some of the little quirks are. Each character is cute but fun! I’ve played this with a 5 year old and she loved it as much as the adults did. Definitely a family friendly way to experience the magical-ness of the VR.


Rise of Tomb Raider

I have the Tomb Raider right before this one, but this is the one I started with. The 20th anniversary edition comes with a VR compatible exploration of Croft Manor. As cool as that was it was not my favorite part of the game (and it also made me a little sick, so if you tend to get motion sickness playing VR take caution)

Main Story: SO GOOD. Lara Croft is a badass explorer with a plethora of moves and good motives. I loved all of the climbing puzzles, enemy fights and cut scenes. A well developed, beautiful game for lovers of Tomb Raider new and old.

Endurance: This is a 2-player survival mission. You and another person (optional) are dropped as Lara in the middle of the Siberian Wilderness to survive for as long as you can and collect as many relics as you can. At the begging of the game you can choose “cards” (awarded for various in game missions or can be purchased) and they can affect what happens in the game.  The longest my husband and I have survived is 11 days, with 60 relics. It gets quite repetitive after awhile, but it’s a lot of fun having to keep Lara warm and fed (she will get cold and hungry – and you have to hunt and build fires)

I loved this game. It has a high recommend from me.


Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition

In the Elder Scrolls Series I’ve played Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim when it first released.

I loved Skyrim on the XBOX. I got to level 65 and had all of the main story missions beaten. And then we sold our XBOX and now have a PS4.

I was SO excited when I learned that it was coming to PS4.

Basically everyone in my house (So my husband, sister and I) were cracked out on this game and played nonstop for about 2 weeks. I still love it.

First person RPG (at least I think) where you can choose to be a weapon warrior, a mage or a sneaky archer. I always end up an archer. You slay dragons, lead the thieves guild, dark brotherhood (a group of assassins) and can be the Arch Mage of the Mage’s guild.

It’s a great game with incredible graphics for it’s age and has an awesome gameplay. Another one of my favorite games ever.



Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

Just a little info: The original Borderlands is the very first video game I played with my Husband. So this whole series – besides being awesome and hilarious – holds a special place in my heart.


Elder Scrolls Online




No Man’s Sky