Kanab Utah – Hidden Wonders

Fishlake, UT – June 2016

Sand Dunes Sunset – Oct 2016

Grand Canyon / Kanab / Kanab

Grand Canyon


Kanab Balloons and Tunes

South Rim / Marble Canyon / Horseshoe Bend. 4.23.2016

May 2016 – the day we brought our his/hers YZ450’s home.

June 20th – Porch Time

August 26 – Sept 2 4th river trip with GCE

My Animals from oldest to youngest:

Zero aka Roo, Rona, RoRo, ReeRo, ZeeZoo and Big Brown Eyes

Jager aka Jagermeister, Monster Kitty, White Kitty, Peg Leg Pete

Rachet aka Tiny Tiger, Fluffy Kitty, Asshole

Odin aka Baby Boy, Odie, Oodles, Blackest Dog

and last but not least, Khaleesi… aka Baby Kitty, Monster, Claire, Crazy Pants, LeeLee, LooLoo

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