Book Review: Spark of the Everflame

Spark of the Everflame Synopsis: When old secrets catch fire, everything will burn. In a mortal world colonized by the gods and ruled over by the Descended, their cruel offspring, Diem Bellator yearns to escape the insular life of her poor village. Her mother’s sudden disappearance—and the discovery of a dangerous secret about her past—offer... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Her Latent Charm

The nation of Trylia believes that the gift, a force that can alter the world through the intent of the person who wields it, is a myth. The stuff of children’s tales, brought to life only in the imagination. For Lila, separated from a life she was too young to remember, it’s a confusing power... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Time’s Orphan

Time’s Orphan by Hayley Reese Chow Synopsis Speak of pain, and I’ll tell you of the Time who stole it away… Besieged by war, ravaged by monsters, and crawling with the undead, the land of Okarria is dying. Seventeen-year-old Emara survives by using her modest healing gift to save as many as she can while... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Nephilim’s Fate

It took me way longer than usual to read this book. I started in the beginning of November, but didn't finish it until today. Usually a book like this would take me about an hour, but November has been such a crazy month that I just didn't have the time. (sickness, my birthday, the new... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: PD Avella

Recently, I was offered a chance to read and review the novel Golem by author PD Avella. (You can read that review HERE) PD Avella offered to do an author interview -and I am so excited about it! Read on to get a first hand look at Golem, PD's advice to young writers and more.... Continue Reading →

2020 – My year at home in books

2020 was a helluva year. A National Pandemic, Murder hornets, people opening ancient coffins.. it seemed that anything that could go wrong, did. But it was also a time that I saw people taking care of each other, quarantining, joking to keep each other sane and finding things they loved with all of the time... Continue Reading →

Favorite books I Read in 2019

I set a goal. In January, 2019 I decided I wanted to read 30 books for the year. That's about 2-3 books a month. "I can do that easily" I thought to myself. "That's nothing." Turns out, when you have a busy year, you can't read as much as you used to. According to my... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Ocean at the End of the Lane

The Ocean at the End of the Lane  by  Neil Gaiman is a great book. It takes us back to how magical childhood can seem, and how our brains work in childhood versus adulthood. This book is the story of a man.. but when he was a boy. He returns to this place and starts remembering all these things that happened to him as a child when he... Continue Reading →

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