Book Review: The Nephilim’s Fate

It took me way longer than usual to read this book. I started in the beginning of November, but didn’t finish it until today. Usually a book like this would take me about an hour, but November has been such a crazy month that I just didn’t have the time. (sickness, my birthday, the new GOD OF WAR) I’m glad I found some time to read it though, and without further ado – here is my review!

The Nephilim’s Fate by Eliza Hampstead


She’s a witch, he’s a Nephilim – and a simple kiss could kill them both.

Alissia spent years longing for a mysterious man who only appeared in her dreams… but when Nate rescues her from a group of supernatural attackers, she makes a shocking discovery. She’s a witch, and he’s a Nephilim – the son of an angel and a human – and love between them is impossible.

Determined to prove the old texts wrong and find a future where they can be together, Alissia wades deeper into a mysterious world where vampires, fae, and demons lurk among humanity. After she discovers a surprising revelation, Alissia believes she’s found the answer. But their passionate love kicks off a wild chain of events that threatens to plunge the secret magical world of London into war.

With sinister magical groups vying for power and old rivalries bubbling to the surface, Nate and his love are quickly dragged into a conflict that will shape the destiny of their world forever. Nate knows that he’s fated to be with her – but is he prepared to risk everything to stay with his witch?

I like Nephilim’s Fate! It’s a good, simple read with a clear story and strong characters. 
The Author, Eliza Hampstead, did a good job with descriptions, world building and making sure the reader could see what was happening in their mind’s eye. The main characters were well written, and I liked Alissia’s “voice” (or inner monologue, whatever you want to call it.)

I really liked the author’s descriptions of Alissia trying to find her magic as well as locations, outfits and character descriptions.

“After a while, a calmness flowed through me. I felt like I could smell pine needles and mushrooms in a forest, reminding me of when I was nine and my mums took me camping. A faint greenish light formed behind my eyelids. Then it was gone… I opened my eyes and realised that I wasn’t in a forest but in a classroom.”

There were some language things that were strange to me – but I think it’s because the author is English and I am American – and we obviously have different slang and sayings which is totally fine. I was confused at the beginning because the thoughts and dreams of the main POV aren’t italicized. I also noticed some small continuity errors (a couple of tense changes) but nothing that distracts from the story.

All in all – It’s a good story that’s easy to follow and to read, and if you are looking for a naughty, fun read with some good action this one is a good choice! 3/5 stars from me!

Thanks for reading!

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