Facebook and Instagram – what can they do for my business?

With the advancement of technology, marketing to a bigger audience is easier than ever. What some big companies don’t do (that I’ve noticed) is treat their audience like friends or family.  A lot of big companies will post an ad and forget about it. They do it for the likes. A good social media marketing strategy means trying to build your brand, but also connecting with your clientele. Some good places to start for connecting are Facebook and Instagram.


Facebook has many tools a company can utilize for marketing. They have:

  • Website Promotions – this leads to more clicks to your website.
  • Advertising Plans – you tell them what you want and they’ll give you a fairly cheap advertisement plan.
  • Insights – these will tell you who is looking at your page and what your clientele demographic is.
  • and Specific Demographic Targeting – are you looking for females age 18-67? Or are you looking to promote locally? Facebook allows for such choices when creating a target ad.

What Facebook also does is allow you to connect to your clients personally. You can share stories, give more information about your product or even praise an employee or client! When people like and comment, you have a chance to comment back. Commenting back shows that you are dedicated to your client base, and are around to answer questions, take in comments and promote your brand. As a consumer, knowing that I can easily talk to someone who is knowledgeable about what I’m buying is very helpful, and steers me towards making a good choice in what I’m buying. Facebook also allows for customers to review your product – which is a strong tool to use. Building a more personal relationship with your clientele can also mean better reviews!



“A picture is worth a thousand words” … most people don’t want to read super long, multi-sentence posts when they are scrolling through their social media feed. They stop to look at videos, or pictures. After a long day of work, they may not want to read a long post. That’s where Instagram comes in.

Instagram is a good platform to show people who you are. You can share your product, post videos of product in use or even show personal behind the scenes shots. It gives consumers a chance to explore your company in pictures. They can like, comment and get to know you by actually seeing what you are about.

The good thing about Instagram is that it’s easy to use. It’s an easy setup, you can edit photos and post them, and then run a small ad so more people will see it. I always recommend to clients setting up an Instagram, and keeping up on it. If you get overwhelmed, a post a week should be plenty to get you started, and then you can up it as you get more experienced.


There are more social media platforms you can connect with clients on, but for now we will leave it at the two biggest I use. Creating a Facebook and Instagram, connecting with clients and sharing better information about your business is a good way to start your social media marketing. Remember though – social media is a tool, and nothing beats a good client-business relationship!





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