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Game Review: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands – Closed Beta

I spent my Sunday flying a helicopter, riding a dirt bike off of huge cliffs, and stopping drug lords. 

I was lucky enough to receive and invitation to play the new Ghost Recon Wildlands Closed Beta – and I can definitely say this is a game I will be purchasing.

Watch the trailer here: Ghost Recon Wildlands Trailer


Photo: Ghost Recon Wildlands Website


Pros: Easy to understand controls, fun to play, good character customization, fun co-op game play

Cons: enemies can be a little buggy (to be fair it was a BETA)

The Beta was available for the weekend starting Feb 3 and ending this morning (Feb 6). I started yesterday evening and was pleasantly surprised. This game can be single player or online co-op. You can drive vehicles, fly helicopters, build your guns and fight the Cartel.

The game starts with character creation. The first option is Male or Female. You can then choose from a number of pre-created heads available.You’ll then choose hairstyle and color… after that you move on to choosing shirts, backpacks, plate carriers, accessories and tattoos.

The first mission is a rescue mission and is pretty easy. I was playing co-op with two other high level people though, so that could be why. The missions go from pretty easy to harder as you progress – and the story is interesting as well. Besides the main story mission, you have a number of (sort of repetitive) side missions to choose from.

The mechanics of the game are comfortable and easy to work with. You level up fairly easily, and there is a leveling tree with a number of options to boost your character. You can be more resistant to bullet damage, have better stamina, heal teammates faster, equip night vision for your Drone and so on and so forth. This menu is also where you will find gun and character customization and mission information and files.

One of my favorite parts of the game is the drone (I LOVED taking over enemy drones in Black Ops 3). You get your character close-ish to the group of enemies, release your drone and mark enemies on the map. Once an enemy is marked the whole team can see what they’re up against. You can also mark an enemy for a team mate to kill, which is useful if you are trying to stay stealthy but have to enemies standing near each other. By the way – Stealth seems to be the way to go! I’m no good at it, but I was pretty good and hanging back and marking enemies while my team mates did their thing. If one of us got busted I “Rambo-ed” right in!

The guns are ones you would find in real life and are pretty cool!  Obviously in the last couple hours of the Beta I didn’t have enough time to unlock them all, but I unlocked a couple and enjoyed the ones I was using. I also found a sniper that worked fairly decent. One of my team mates had unlocked the grenade launcher from the level up menu and it came in handy. It demolished enemy helicopters and vehicles.

That’s another part of the game I really enjoy – the vehicles. You can find some on the side of the road and drive them to any location without consequence (don’t run over civilians though) or if worst comes to worse you can commandeer one from a local. There are cars, vans, trucks and dirt bikes available for your driving needs. A word of warning though – if you are crossing a street on foot, look both ways. If you get hit by a car it’s an instant down (something that happened to me like 3 times).

Overall, my experience with Ghost Recon Wildlands was positive.  I love the game play, the mechanics, the story line and the co-op. It has a lot of positive qualities and I for sure will be purchasing it when it releases on March 7th!


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