5 Items I Use for the Perfect Halloween Makup

  1. LIQUID LATEX. I don’t know what anyone did before liquid latex was discovered. Yes, it can be a little stinky, and it pulls your hairs out wherever you put it – but this item is now a Halloween makeup MUST for me!  Whether I am attaching a foam prosthetic to my face or trying to create a ripped skin look – liquid latex is a must. I have some that dries clear, and some that is skin colored.
  2. FAKE BLOOD. There are a TON of recipes for fake blood or you can buy a cheap bottle of it online or at places like Walmart. My mom used to use Caro Syrup, Chocolate Syrup and red food dye. I purchase Mehron’s fake blood by the bottle.
  3. SPONGES AND BRUSHES. This is a given. Most people don’t want you using your fingers to do their makeup. Not to mention, when you switch color but all your hands are covered in black face paint you can potentially ruin your lighter color.
  4. FACE PAINT. I have SO many colors of face paint. Yellow, red, black, green, purple. You never know what you are going to need!
  5.  TISSUE, COTTON, PAPER TOWELS ETC. Why? For fake flesh, that’s why! If you liquid latex down a couple layers of tissue, and then rip it? It makes for some cool looking gore with a good coat of face paint and blood!


I’m sure there are more items that I’ve missed that I use when I do Halloween makeup, but for now I think these are the most important things.

I’m getting pretty good at the gore too 🙂


Facial Prosthetic: http://www.screamteam.com


Messing around – this wasn’t even Halloween

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