You can fall in love at first sight with a place as with a person. -Alec Waugh

6 AM is not a time of day I’m familiar with. It’s one that I see every once in a great while. Usually it comes and goes and I never even notice (due to the fact that I’m sleeping). 6 AM on a weekend? As if. However, this Saturday I did get to meet 6 AM, because I was leaving for the South Rim of the Grand Canyon at 7 AM.

I’ve never seen the South Rim of the Canyon, only the North and from the Colorado River (best view in my opinion). However, even though I’ve seen the Canyon from a couple of viewpoints, it still manages to take my breath away with it’s beauty every time.

So we left Kanab at 7 AM; sandwich picnic food packed, car snacks with us and our cameras charged. Our first stop was at Horseshoe Bend which just past Page, AZ. We arrived at Horseshoe Bend and parked. There were not very many cars there, but a couple of buses. The hike up the the edge is a good 20 minutes but it’s not bad. About halfway there is a little gazebo where you can stop and take pictures and rest.

When we got to the canyon edge I was so excited to see this natural masterpiece. It’s hard to explain seeing something like this, so I’ll share a photo of it.




When looking closer, you can see there are a couple of Kayaks pulled up at the Horseshoe Bend Camp. (I will make this Kayak journey soon!). The coolest thing about this place is that it seems small, but is actually huge! To get a picture of the whole thing you have to lift your camera WAYYYYY up.

After Horseshoe Bend we headed down to Desert View Watchtower. This was about a 2 hour drive so we settled in, told stories and journeyed on.

When we arrived at the DVW it wasn’t as busy as I expected. The week we went was National Parks Week, and all parks were free, but it wasn’t crazy busy.

The watchtower itself is spectacular. The inside at first seems to be a never ending spiral, but once you reach the top the views are amazing. When it’s full of people it can be a little difficult to maneuver, but it’s not so bad.



So from the watchtower we decided that we were going to drive all the way to Grand Canyon Village (about 30 minutes) and stop at each point we came across.

If you are at the South Rim I definitely recommend doing this. You get different views, cool places to stop and you are already there, so you might as well!

We stopped at one point and had a picnic where we were joined by a Raven who we called Frederick. One stop we saw some Elk grazing and laying down and we got a picture of that.


Desert View Watchtower


Fredrick the Raven



Elk bedded down




We got to Grand Canyon Village and bought some souvenirs, and then we headed back home!


Instead of going back up through Page however, we went over the Navajo Bridges in Marble Canyon and then on to Jacob Lake to buy cookies.




It was a long drive (we got home about 6:40 PM) with a lot of people around, but it was an amazing experience. Plus I got to see my favorite place from a different viewpoint, and I love that.

If you are looking for a road trip, and want to go somewhere that will take your breath away, I recommend the Grand Canyon.

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